Cheap Christmas Gifts Under $20

It’s often hard to find gifts that look nice and look like you spent a pretty penny. Here are some ideas from the Huffington Post with a 100 gift ideas under $20. Maybe it’s that time of year you spend more time thinking than spending. Isn’t it the thought that counts?

Source: Huffington Post

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Will Shoppers Spend Money During Holidays?

Five years after the financial crisis, unemployment has eased a bit and financial scars have started to heal, but there’s still no widespread comfort with spending. And there’s a large disparity between those who have healed a lot and those who have healed a little.

Will shoppers be naughty or nice to retailers this holiday season?

Retailers, of course, would consider it nice if shoppers spent the next four weeks rushing to cash registers with mounds of full-priced products. Instead, analysts are predicting a variation on “shop till you drop,” in which consumers wear out shoe leather and electronic keypads hunting unrelentingly for bargains.

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What Does Thanksgiving Mean To You?

When you are with family and friends around the holiday’s… what does it mean to you. Thanksgiving means different things to different people. The history of Thanksgiving goes back along ways. he first Thanksgiving feast was celebrated by the pilgrims of the Plymouth colony and about 90 Wampanoag Indians in 1621. The pilgrims had survived a devastating winter in which nearly half had died. Without the help of the Indians, all would have perished.

Read more about what Thanksgiving Means To Others. Source: BBC

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