Cash Fast Loan Centers Services Bowling Green SC for Cash Advance Loans

Carolina Cash Fast Center offers two types of cash advance loans: payday advances and car title loans. And best of all, there’s no credit check, no hassle, and no application. Just quick cash. You can visit one of our two locations right down the road from Bowling Green, SC – either Fort Mill or Clover, South Carolina – to speak with one of our loan representatives about your needs.

Advantages of Payday Loans

There are a number of reasons why someone may find themselves needing a bit of extra money, whether it be for everyday living expenses or an emergency. Payday loans are a great and simple option for getting some much-needed cash in your pocket quickly. The process is really simple, approval or denial will happen quickly, and more people are able to qualify for a payday loan than any other type. Everyone comes up short on cash from time to time, and payday loans are a great short-term small-dollar advance that can hold you over until the next payday.

These loans work almost as efficiently as an employer advance, except direct lenders make the loan. Borrowers guarantee their intention to repay the loan by writing a postdated check for the loan amount plus interest charges or authorizing an ACH transfer, the electronic equivalent of a postdated check.

Who Qualifies for Payday Loans?

The standards for getting approved for a payday loan in Bowling Green, SC, are less strict than other types of loans. Lenders may be able to approve payday loans for people with bad credit, those with no credit history, and people without a job. People who receive money from alternative income sources may qualify for a payday loan. Lenders may look at an applicant’s employment, income, and debt-to-income ratio, which is a good benchmark for determining whether an applicant can afford to repay a loan when it comes due. Even with non-traditional income sources like the following you could find yourself eligible for a loan:

  • Trust fund payments
  • Alimony & child support payments
  • Investment income
  • Royalties for trademarks, copyrights, etc.
  • Self-employment Income
  • Government benefits like welfare, SS, VA benefits, etc.

Bowling Green Car Title Loans

As we’ve said before, things happen in life and sometimes you just need some extra cash on hand to make it through. Home repairs, car repairs, medical emergencies, anything could put a big stress on your finances at any time. Most loans work the same way, a potential lender looks at your credit score and history, any debts you may have, and your employment to help them determine if they should lend to you. Car title loans, though, work a bit differently. To put it simply, a car title loan gives you a cash advance to spend as you need, and the main decider of how much you can borrow is actually going to be the overall value of your car, far more so than your financial history.

The Ease of Car Title Loans

Your car acts as your collateral for the loan, so your credit is more often than not going to be a complete non-factor in determining if you’re eligible or not. Though your car is acting as collateral, that doesn’t mean you have to turn over the keys right then – as long as you keep making all payments on time your cars is yours to be used as you please. While credit isn’t a big factor in getting the loan, making on-time payments could boost your overall credit score over time.

With rising prices for the cost of living, it’s possible that you find yourself in need of instant approval and easy access to payday loans near you. This is especially true for residents of growing towns and cities like Bowling Green, North Carolina. If you are seeking no-hassle cash before your next bill’s due date, Cash Fast Loan Center can help you.

Whether it’s a payday loan or a title loan, you can quickly acquire the cash you need. No credit heck. No hassle. Just cash – fast. We are just a short trip from Bowling Green, we encourage you to come in to speak with one of our representatives.

What should I bring to receive a payday loan or title loan at the nearest Bowling Green location – Clover SC?

What should I bring to receive a payday loan or title loan at the nearest Bowling Green location – Clover SC?

In case you decide that a cash advance is an immediate need, you just need to have access to the following during your visit:

  1. Your checkbook
  2. Your driver’s license
  3. Your most recent checking account statement
  4. Your most recent pay stub
  5. Your social security card

If you decide that an easy title loan is in your best interest, please bring the following for your visit:

  1. Your vehicle’s title
  2. Your vehicle’s registration
  3. Your driver’s license
  4. Your most recent pay stub
  5. Your social security card
  6. Mail to verify your address

We only request these items to verify your identity and residence as well as a source of income.


*There is no obligation to use our services by filling out this form or calling us. It’s our opportunity to walk you through the loan options to figure out what works best for you.