Bills are your monthly payments that can help restore and maintain your financial health, and Cash Fast Centers can help you get the emergency cash you need to make timely payments.

How to Stick to Your Holiday Budget

Sticking to a budget at any time of the year can be tricky. And when you factor in gifts for friends and family, hosting or attending parties, and decorations, the holiday season can be all the more challenging to your bottom line. 

Below are some tips to help you stick to your holiday budget and keep financial stress off your Christmas list. 
Start budgeting early
The holiday season has a way of sneaking up on us. Start setting aside some spending money several months in advance. Better yet, work it into your budget for every month of the year. The earlier you begin to save, the less money you’ll need to put aside each month.  
Take everything into consideration
It’s easy to only focus on the price of gifts. But little things like wrapping paper, cookies, and even an increased power bill due to Christmas lights can quickly eat into your budget. Make room for every expense, no matter how small. 
Download a holiday app
There are plenty of holiday shopping apps available that can help you find the lowest prices, take advantage of coupons, earn cash back, and more. Also, learn how you can save money on your holiday shopping, which will help you stay under your original budget.    
Stick to cash
Once your budget is set, make an envelope for each category and put the appropriate amount of cash in each. Using a cash system will keep you from overspending, something that can be easy to do with a credit card. 
Shop online to save money on gas
You did a great job of sticking to your holiday budget, but you spent a fortune in gas running to stores all over town. Many [...]

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Get Out of a Debt Cycle in These 5 Steps

For many, debt isn’t just an obstacle. It’s a lifestyle. Once you fall into debt, it can be hard to pull yourself back out of it. Debt leads to borrowing, which leads to interest and more debt. And before you know it, you’re trapped in a vicious debt cycle. 

Fortunately there is a way out. Follow the five steps below to get out of your cycle of debt and achieve financial freedom. 
How to Escape a Debt Cycle
Step 1: Save up an emergency fund.
Your first thought is probably to throw every spare dollar at your debt. But one of the things that keeps people locked into a debt cycle is surprise expenses such as a car repair or medical bill. Before fully tackling your debt, build up a small emergency fund. That way your debt payback plan can remain uninterrupted by minor emergencies. 
Step 2: Consolidate debt and transfer it to a low (or no) interest rate.
There are a number of credit cards that offer low or even no interest rates for a select period of time if you transfer your debt to them. Doing this can free you up from interest payments that keep you trapped in a debt cycle. If possible, consolidate all of your debts into one loan or credit card. 
Step 3: Pay more than the minimum. 
Pay more than just the minimum on your balance each month. You’ll pay less in interest and will climb out of your debt cycle faster. 
Step 4: Live on a budget.
A key to breaking the debt cycle is maintaining a pattern of predictable spending. Create a budget so you know how much you’ll be allocating each month to food, bills, [...]

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Learn How To Turn Your Junk Into Quick Cash

If you’ve got a lot of extra clutter and trash left over from spring cleaning or a summer garage purge, don’t throw it away. You may be surprised to find out that people are willing to buy a lot of the old things you don’t want anymore.
How to Turn Your Clutter into Cash
The internet has provided a great resource for people willing to sell unwanted items. Web sites like eBay and Craigslist provide an opportunity to sell the things that would get overlooked at a yard sale.

Following some simple steps can help you to get the most out of your old stuff:

Research similar items online to figure out a fair price.
Clean up the item, and improve the quality in any way you can.
Take several high-quality pictures.
Write a thorough description and be honest about the quality.
Make sure to leave buyer and seller reviews if it is an option.

Each sale you make will help build your profile and reputation online, making it even easier to sell more items you don’t use.
Common Household Junk You Can Sell
Board Game Pieces
We’ve all got those board games where a few missing pieces make the game unplayable. Most people replace these pieces with paper clips, or hand drawn cards, but some are willing to pay to complete the set again. Pieces for special-edition or themed games sell for even more.
Everyone knows that phones go for big money online, but there is also a market for the old chargers. Search through your desk drawer for cords and cables of all kinds to make a quick buck.
Clear the clutter of your media cabinet. There’s [...]

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    Beat the Heat of Carolina Summer With These Tips from Cash Fast Loans

Beat the Heat of Carolina Summer With These Tips from Cash Fast Loans

In the Carolinas, summer heat can be hard to bear sometimes. It can be instinct to blast the air conditioning for a respite from the oppressive warmth. However, a well air-conditioned house comes with a high price tag.

If you’re tight on cash, you can save yourself some money this summer with these easy tips to help beat the summer heat.
Tips for Affordable Relief from Summer’s Heat in Carolina
With the beautiful weather of a Carolina summer, leaving the blinds wide open is tempting. However, tons of heat comes in through the windows. Blocking out the sun’s rays cut the heat going through your house by as much as 45%. White blinds are the best for deflecting sunlight.
Cold Water on Wrists
You can quickly cool off most of your body by running cold water on certain specific points. These spots are close to major veins, letting cooled blood move throughout your body.

The easiest spots to reach are your wrists. Run them under cold water in the sink for several seconds when you get too hot.
Use Public Spaces
Public areas like libraries or coffee shops always have excellent air conditioning. If you’ve got some work to do, or are meeting someone, consider one of these locations.
Maximize Your A/C
Running a fan and an air conditioner at the same time can help cut the cost of cooling your home. With the fan blowing the cool air around, you can have the A/C at a much lower setting.
Cook Outside
Give your oven a break! The oven is a massive source of heat in any home. By cooking outdoors, you keep yourself from having to bring extra heat indoors by leaving [...]

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How You Can Easily Get a No Credit Check Loan

Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball, and sometimes those curve balls end up costing you a lot of money. For those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, it’s hard to pay for those unexpected emergencies. There is no need for concern, though, as this is the perfect opportunity to utilize a quick loan.

Quick loans are useful for occasional emergencies such as:

Medical bills
Car trouble
Home repairs
Unexpected charges or fees

If you’re in need of a quick loan and don’t have the best credit score, don’t worry. It’s possible to get a one in the form of a no credit check loan! There are options made just for you.
Get Quick Loans Without Having Your Credit Score Checked
No credit check loans were created to enable those with poor credit scores to have access to emergency funds. There are two types of short-term loans: a payday loan and a title loan.

Each of these personal loans is able to provide cash when you need it most, and only a few items are required to apply.

Payday Loan

Your most recent checking statement
Your driver’s license
Your social security card
Your checkbook
Your most recent paystub

Title Loan

Your vehicle’s title
Your vehicle’s registration
Your driver’s license
Your most recent paystub
Your social security card
Mail to verify your address

These loans were created with you in mind, which means you and your information stay safe throughout the entire process. Quick loan organizations that are a part of the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) follow certain best practices created for the benefit of the loan applicant.

This means CFSA [...]

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3 Quick Ways to Make Budgeting Easier

Creating a budget is a great way to stay on top of your spending throughout the year. Sitting down at the beginning of each month to assess your incoming cash along with expected living expenses and bills means fewer financial surprises and less stress.

Following the budget you’ve created may feel a little difficult, especially if this your first time making one. Spending habits are hard to break, and honestly, sometimes it’s easy to forget the plan you’ve made for yourself. However, there are several tools out there to make budgeting a little easier.
Top Tools to Make Budgeting Easier
Online Apps

There are many online apps, like Mint, that are able to gather all your financial information into one place. They can connect to almost every financial institution in the United States, which makes it easy for you to get an accurate picture of your finances in real time.

One of the best features of this app, however, is the alerts it can send. If you’re going over budget or spending an unusual amount of money in an area, then Mint will let you know.

Important Note: Before you give any money-managing app your financial information, make sure it has proper security measures in place, such as 128-bit SSL encryption and physical security standards that banks use.

Envelope System

While the envelope system isn’t anything new, it has been made famous in recent years by money-saving guru Dave Ramsey. The idea is simple. Once you’ve set your budget, place the amount of cash you’ve allotted for each area (groceries, clothes, eating out, etc.) in labeled envelopes.

Once you’ve used up the cash in that particular envelope, you’ve met your budget for that area. Though this method may [...]

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    Six Important Financial New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make

Six Important Financial New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make

There is something about the start of a new year that makes us want to set goals and try new things. If you’ve been thinking about setting financial goals for yourself, then now is the perfect time to start.  

Creating New Year’s resolutions involving saving and other monetary tasks may seem intimidating at first. However, all of your financial goals can be easily realized by following a few steps and ensuring certain safety nets are in place.
How to Create Achievable Financial Goals
Open a Savings Account

When you decide to make saving part of your budget, you feel in control of your finances rather than letting them control you. No longer is the question “Should you save?” but rather, “Which savings account should you choose?”

Learn more about savings accounts in our post titled The 3 Best Savings Accounts For You and Your Hard Earned Money.

Improve Your Credit Score

While improving your credit score may seem hopeless at times, it is possible. While there are some more obvious tips like paying your credit card bills on time and keeping your balance as low as possible, there are a few more tips you may not know about.

Learn more about how to improve your credit score by reading our post titled 5 Lesser Known Tips for Improving Your Credit Score.

Create a Budget

Do you ever get your credit card bill at the end of the month and are puzzled about how you spent so much money? Or open your wallet only to wonder where all your cash has gone? Or pull out your debit card to make a purchase and discover you don’t have the funds in your account you thought you did? Sounds like you need a [...]

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Summer Fun Doesn’t Have to Cost You Your Savings

Charlotte is a great place to be in the summer. Whether it’s riding the rapids at the U.S. National Whitewater Center, experiencing motorsports history at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, or a day out with the whole family at Carowinds, Charlotte’s got a lot! You’ve worked hard all year, and you deserve to have some fun! When payday is a week away, but your favorite band is playing tonight, Cash Fast Loan Centers can help you enjoy yourself without delving into your savings account.

In as few as 15 minutes, Cash Fast can get you the money you need for the things you want to do. Whether you need a few bucks for the weekend, or a larger sum for an unexpected emergency, Cash Fast Loan Centers offers easy, no-hassle solutions for any situation. There’s never a credit check, and we lay out all the terms in easy to understand language and with the utmost in personal service.
Two Services to Keep You from Dipping into Your Savings
We offer two types of services, Payday Loans and Car Title Loans.

Payday loans are ideal when you just need some extra cash for the weekend, and it’s a very simple process. All you need are these five items:

Your most recent bank statement
Your driver’s license or state issued ID
Your Social Security card
Your checkbook
Your most recent pay stub

After all your information is entered into our system, you write us a post-dated check for the amount we’re loaning you plus our finance charge, and we hand you the cash! A few days after your next payday, we’ll cash the check, and your loan is paid back in full! All of this is done in-house, with the [...]

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5 Vital Personal Finance Tips from Lending Experts

Spring is in the air, and the two evils of the season are upon us: it’s time to spring clean and get in shape. But don’t forget to add a financial cleanup to your “spring cleaning” list. That’s right: it’s time to study up on some personal finance tips, and Cash Fast Loan Centers is here with a lesson plan.

Tip #1: Make lists.

You have to track expenses to be able to anticipate them, and there’s no better indicator of future spending habits than your past expenses! Experts say about a month of recording your expenses (no matter how painful!) is a good baseline of information for setting a budget and making a plan to stick with it.

Tip #2: Go digital.

There are plenty of apps out there (like Mint) that will track your expenses and help make a budget for you if you hook up your credit card and bank accounts. Not quite that techy? An excel spreadsheet will help you categorize your spending so you can see where you are spending the most—and where you might be able to cut costs.

Tip #3: Hold yourself accountable.

Or recruit a friend to help you stay on track! Once your budget is established, it’s important to make sure you manage your spending and stick to it. Try a reward system (already factored into your budget, of course!) or make a savings goal that you can work towards so that you can see progress.

Tip #4: Be thrifty, but be realistic.

Use coupons, carpool with a friend, sell things you don’t need, and manage little problems before they become big ones (hello, car maintenance). Check out the nine quick ways we recommend stacking your savings.

Tip [...]

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Never Fall Behind with Easy Payday Loans in Fort Mill, SC

Life is unpredictable. And sometimes that’s what makes it fun. Other times, a bill catches you off guard and threatens to ruin your week. Cash Fast Loan Centers is here to make those times easier with quick, simple payday loans near you in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and surrounding areas.

And when life happens like this, you have a trusted business to turn to. We can get you back on track in two easy steps:

Find out which Cash Fast Center company store is closest to you. With four convenient locations in South Carolina, you are just a quick ride away from having cash in your pocket and your worries falling away.
Spend 15 minutes with the Cash Fast Center staff at the location nearest to you. We are here to help you, happily and quickly, and we like to make things run smoothly for our customers by spending a few minutes with them in person to get them the cash they need fast.

Payday Loans: It’s Easy to Get Cash Fast in Fort Mill, SC
Get in, get cash, and get out. Payday loans from Cash Fast Loan Centers offer you peace of mind in just a few minutes of your time. Forget applications, credit checks, and hoping for approval—just get the money you need to take care of a bill, or get you through until your next payday!

Here’s your checklist for things you’ll need to bring with you to any of our Cash Fast Loan Centers locations to secure a payday loan:

A checking statement
A driver’s license
A social security card
Your checkbook
Your most recent pay stub.

That’s it! Our team will handle the rest in just 15 minutes of your time. [...]

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