Loans are methods to acquire cash when you need them, and Cash Fast Centers offers two types of no-credit-check loans for money when you need it most.

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    Top 3 Reasons to Choose Cash Fast Centers for an Affordable Payday Loan

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Cash Fast Centers for an Affordable Payday Loan

If you’re looking for an affordable payday loan, it’s important to know the options available to you—and their advantages. For North Carolina and South Carolina residents within reach of the greater Charlotte area, Cash Fast Centers provide hassle-free access to cash when you need it quickly. But what makes this loan business stand out from the rest?
Reason #1: Location, Location, Location
Cash Fast Centers offer convenient locations that serve a large area in the western half of the Carolinas. Our storefronts in Fort Mill and Clover, South Carolina, offer payday advance loans and car title loans to consumers who need access to emergency funds to help pay bills or even unexpected costs, such as a trip to the [...]

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Advantage of No-Credit-Check Loans

A no-credit-check loan—whether you’re south in Fort Mill or north in Charlotte—can be a great way for you to obtain the cash you need. It’s a resource for emergency cash while your work on restoring your credit. It’s time that you stopped letting late bills burden you with stress and anxiety by discovering the advantages of a no credit check loan.
Quick Process
When you need access to emergency cash, you can rely on the quick process of acquiring a loan that does not require a credit check. The two primary types of no-check loans are payday advance and car title. In most cases, the application process takes only 15 to 20 minutes. And you can walk out, in [...]

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Found: Hassle-Free Title Loan Near You

Where can I find a title loan near me?

If you’re here, you’ve asked that question—or one like it.  You probably have a few questions, which we can answer on our website. But you searched the Internet, high and low, to get here, so we want to give you some quick and simple answers to help guide you.

Before you looked where to find a tile loan near you, we hope you asked, “What type of loan is best for me?”

Thinking about this question is vital because there are likely dozens of lenders available to you. You’ll want to consider a few things:

How much money do you need?
How much time will you need to pay it back?
(If you’re considering [...]

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Loans 101: How Do Car Title Loans Work?

A car title loan is a type of short-term personal loan secured by the equity (value) of the borrower’s vehicle. This value takes the place of a credit score report, giving you quick access to the cash you need even if your credit is in recovery. And the best part is this: your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle remains in your possession while the loan is outstanding.

You typically have 30 days to pay back the loan.

Now that you understand what car title loans are—and how they are acquired—you can address how these title loans work. Fortunately, it’s quite simple.

Contact a car title loan lender online or by phone, then visit the business in person. Show the lender [...]

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Loans 101: What Is a Payday Advance Loan?

If you’ve heard the term “payday loan” but aren’t quite sure about the definition, look no further! A payday advance loan, also called a cash advance, is a small amount of money you borrow, typically from a payday lender in a storefront, where you write a personal check for the amount of the loan plus a finance charge. The lender will hold your personal check for future deposit and give you cash. Sometimes, you can give the lender electronic access to your bank account to receive and repay your payday loan.
Payday lenders might give you options for repayment. You can either repay in a lump sum upon your next paycheck, or the loan can be rolled over into [...]

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