Loans are methods to acquire cash when you need them, and Cash Fast Centers offers two types of no-credit-check loans for money when you need it most.

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    The Secret to an Instant Cash Advance: Why We Don’t Check Credit Scores

The Secret to an Instant Cash Advance: Why We Don’t Check Credit Scores

The name of our business is Carolina Cash Fast. We aim to provide our service exactly as advertised. You can depend on us for an instant cash advance the same day you walk through our doors

So what’s the catch?

That’s what some of you must be wondering. How are we able to offer you a cash loan in as little as fifteen minutes?

Here, we’ll tell you our not-so-secret secret.

No Credit Check, No Problem

A payday loan is an instant cash advance by design. Let’s review the list of things you need to apply for a loan at Carolina Cash Fast:

Your most recent checking statement
Your driver’s license
Your social security card
Your check book
Your most recent pay stub

What you won’t [...]

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The Best Way to Get Cash Fast When You Need It

When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. But where do you turn if you don’t even have the money to buy ingredients for lemonade? When you need cash, you need it fast. Circumstances such as unexpected medical bills, urgent car repairs, accidents, and others can prevent you from enjoying that tall, refreshing glass of lemonade in life.

So where is the best place you can turn to when you need cash fast? Let’s explore options.
Option #1: Personal Bank Loan
Your local bank or credit union offers personal loans. There are two kinds of bank loans: secured and unsecured. To get a secured loan, you have to put up something major you own for collateral, like your house. You [...]

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    3 Reasons Why Easy Payday Loans Are Better than Groundhog Day

3 Reasons Why Easy Payday Loans Are Better than Groundhog Day

It may be difficult to imagine that an easy payday loan is better than Groundhog Day, especially after watching Bill Murray spectacularly live the same day for an eternity. And while movie magic and folklore may be enticing, the actual facts about this type of quick cash loan would make Punxsutawney Phil forget about his shadow.

And hopefully spring would come early.

Whether the warm weather washes in early or the cold, hard winds stick another six weeks, access to a payday loan remains as easy as ever. After all, you put in a lot of hours for those paychecks; the last thing you need is any more of a hassle.

So, let’s discuss those three reasons you came here to [...]

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What’s All the Hype About a Car Title Loan?

We’ve already written a blog post comparing our two main services, payday loans and car title loans. Today we want to take a closer look at the second of those and hopefully answer a few questions. Just what exactly is a car title loan, and what is this kind of loan most useful for?

As a small spoiler, we can tell you that car title loans are great for getting cash fast. We wouldn’t offer them otherwise. Let’s look into the details.
What is a car title loan?
Like a payday cash advance, a car title loan is a short-term loan. The way it works is you present your car title to your lender – in this case Carolina Cash [...]

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    Payday Loans vs. Credit Cards: Your Best Bet in a Quick Pinch

Payday Loans vs. Credit Cards: Your Best Bet in a Quick Pinch

Life happens. Sooner or later, chances are you’ll be met with a sudden expense you weren’t planning for, and at that point you’ll be wondering what to do. It might be your rent, your car, a medical expense, or even something less dire like a much-needed weekend away with friends.

When you get to that moment, you have a decision to make: Should you apply for a new credit card or take out a payday loan?
Credit Cards are Useful, but They Have Serious Drawbacks
With responsible spending and repayment, it can be beneficial to have a credit card. If you use the card regularly and stay on top of your payments, you’ll be able to build up and improve [...]

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Who Really Needs Easy Cash Loans?

In recent years, companies that offer easy cash loans have been given a bad reputation. A lot of that press comes from getting false information. And some sources, like traditional banks or loan companies, have reasons to make the industry of quick cash loans sound criminal. So, that honestly begs the question: who actually needs easy access to cash loans?

Big banks. Local banks. National loan companies. They look at the bottom line: are you likely to pay back a loan? And this answer comes from your past, not necessarily your present. Mistakes you made 7 years ago can still have an impact on your credit score. While it’s the most significant, a bad credit score is just one of [...]

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Payday Loan vs. Car Title Loan: Which Works Best for You?

If you have bad credit and need a short-term loan, you do have options. Whether it’s due to an unexpected medical bill or other expense, managing your finances can be quite complicated. And, best of all, you can get quick access to much needed cash without a long application process or a hassle with a banking specialist.


The Payday Loan

The essential definition of a payday advance loan is a short-term loan based on your income, usually offering up to the amount of your paycheck. This type of loan is typically best suited for people who have a more minor cost to cover, such as a utility bill or simple car repair.

To acquire a payday advance (cash) loan from Cash [...]

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A Cash Advance Is Your Key to the Queen City

Charlotte, North Carolina, is the Queen City, and it’s fast becoming the Jewel of the South. Home to successful sports franchises, delectable fine dining, and a dozen other sites and sounds, we’re proud to call this city our home.

We know that not everyone who lives in the Charlotte area has had a chance to fully experience this city. To do that, you might need a quick and easy cash adv
Don’t Miss Out On All That Charlotte Has to Offer
The Carolina Panthers are doing well this football season. Really well. Well enough that there might be a series of home playoff games in Charlotte’s future. Tickets will be expensive, and they’ll probably be coming just after the [...]

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Use a Payday Advance Loan to Help Cover Thanksgiving Costs

If you’re continuing the tradition of Thanksgiving dinner for your family, there’s much to celebrate—and much preparation to do. With all that needs to be purchased, the various expenditures may put you in a bind, especially if the holiday falls in between your paychecks. A payday cash advance loan could be your solution.
Give Thanks with the Help of a Payday Advance Loan
Thanksgiving. Black Friday. And, right around the corner, Christmas. It’s the chaotic time of year in which family and friends spend money on travel, food, and gifts. And you need to have access to cash, even if the need arises in the middle of your pay period.

A payday advance loan is a short-term loan that [...]

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    3 Ways Cash Advance Loans Can Help You Find the Love of Your Life

3 Ways Cash Advance Loans Can Help You Find the Love of Your Life

There are times that we all find ourselves in a predicament that requires quick access to cash. There are dozens of scenarios that put us in a bind, leaving us to wish it were payday. That’s where a cash advance loan can be a smart financial move, giving you access to the money you need when you need it.

Here’s a basic definition of a cash advance loan—it’s a short-term loan that can come in the form of either a payday advance or a car title loan. All you need to do is find a trusted center that will give you solutions, not hassles.
But if you’re thinking, “Well, I can just wait until payday.” … or …  “There will [...]

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