5 Tips For Staying Safe In the Polar Vortex

Much of the Northeast is covered in a thick blanket of snow thanks to winter storm Hercules and the polar vortex—and that means potential health hazards. Though we’ve only been strapped with bone-chilling temperatures and blustering wind, it’s always good to be prepared. Should we get snow this season, as the farmer’s almanac predicts, these tips can go a long way in ensuring a safe winter season in the Carolinas.

More than 100 million were affected by the overnight dumping of up to two feet of snow. When it comes to weathering the cold, you probably know the basics, like keeping your head covered in order to lower your risk of hypothermia and making sure that the elderly and children are adequately bundled since they are more at risk of dropping body temperatures. But here are some tips from experts that might not be so obvious, and could keep you safe throughout the snowy season.

Be extra careful if you have a chronic medical condition: Chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure and the cold weather don’t mix. According to Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency medicine physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, cold temperatures and extra physical activity from shoveling snow can be risky, since the cold tends to shrink blood vessels, making the heart pump harder to keep blood flowing to fingers and toes. The combination can significantly increase your risk for a heart attack, especially for those with a history of hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

Don’t drink and shovel: Avoid heading out to shovel after downing a cup of coffee or an alcoholic beverage, because drinking can lead to dehydration. Drinking alcohol can also hasten heat loss, and impair your ability [...]

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10 Apps to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

With a new year upon us, we're presented with a world of possibilities! Each new year, people embark upon new goals and resolutions to better their lives. Sometimes, these new ambitions require an initial investment. Let Cash Fast help you take the first step! We're here for when you need immediate cash.
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Warmest Wishes This New Year — From Carolina Cash Fast

2013 has been a wonderful year here at Carolina Cash Fast, and we couldn’t be more thankful for each and every one of you!

We look forward to serving you in 2014. We wish you peace, happiness, and abundant good health in the new year.

From everyone here at Carolina Cash Fast, we hope you have a lovely holiday with your loved ones, family, and friends, and that you have an even better New Year!

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Start New Family Traditions This Christmas

Marking off the days on an advent calendar, slipping into brand new pajamas Christmas Eve, and singing carols around the neighborhood may be a few of the family traditions you resurrect each Christmas. This year, add another tradition to the holiday mix. This list is a compilation of new ideas and old traditions my family has enjoyed for years.
New Traditions to Do with Your Family
The Traveling Nativity
Set up the manger from your family’s nativity scene in the same room as your Christmas tree (or the main living space in your house). Then, put the shepherds and their sheep, Mary and Joseph, and the wise men in different places around your home. As Christmas draws near, move the pieces closer and closer to the manger. It’s a great visual way to count down the days to Christmas and teach your children about Christ’s birth at the same time. Each year as a child, I’d rush to find where the shepherds, the wise men, and Mary and Joseph, moved that day.

Adorn Your Bedroom Doors
You’ve seen office and classroom doors decorated for the holidays. But, have you ever thought about bringing that creativity home? Get the kids involved in decorating the house this Christmas by giving them crafts and lights to adorn their bedroom door. It’s a fun way for them to express love for God and the reason we celebrate – His Son, Jesus Christ.

Give Christmas Away
Teach your children to be givers by providing for a family in need, a military family, orphanage, or widow. Buy a small tree, some twinkling lights, and enough food for a good meal for Christmas day. Pack the food, decorations, and lights in a [...]

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Save Big With These DIY Holiday Gifts!

An easy way to cut spending during one of the most expensive times of the year is to make personalized, DIY holiday gifts for your friends and loved ones!
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